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Wooden rolling pin

Wooden rolling pin

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These wooden rolling pins vary somewhat in size. The raw material dictates their size as only material free of branches and cracks is accepted. Their lenghts range from 28 cm to 35 cm and their diameters from 2.8 cm to 3.5 cm.

The rolling pins are made in a small woodshop in Southern Finland. They are turned on a lathe from one piece of birch wood, of individual trees close to the woodshop that were cut down for one reason or the other. Their surface is untreated apart from having been sanded three times. Between sanding, their surface was moistened with water and allowed to dry. The wood swells with moisture and the grain rises when it dries again, giving the surface a rough feel. Repeated treatments remove the roughness and result in a very smooth surface. The last sanding is always carried out with the soft wood shavings from turning.

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