The purpose of Ekovekotin is to offer an assortment of sustainable products in one place to people interested in a sustainable lifestyle. This includes both selected products from other companies as well as products from our own production. The sustainability of the products refers to their production phase (its ecological, social and ethical dimensions), their raw materials, their physical durability, their emission-free use as well as to their repairability, compostability or recyclability. Above all, we want to offer essential and necessary products, which is why we focus on people's basic needs and basic products for daily living.

The majority of current research and development activity to reduce environmental problems is focused on developing cleaner and more economical technical devices. These technical devices nevertheless always consume at least some resources or negatively affect the environment during their operation. Ekovekotin’s solution to this problem is to offer equipment that is technically very simple and for the most part doesn’t consume electricity or other fuels. Their operating principle is based, for example, on the power of the human hand or on pedal power, or on some other simple mechanism. Typical examples of such devices are a hand-cranked whisk, a hand-operated water pump, a manual grain mill, a sundial and old-fashioned wind-up clocks and gramophones.

Our products are further of high quality and, where possible, they are made from renewable, recycled, compostable and recyclable raw materials. They are long-lasting and, if possible, repairable. In the best case, they last from one generation to the next. They work in any situation and are therefore also excellent aids in emergency situations. Our range of products will also include some old-time products that disappeared entirely from the market due to modernization, through revived production by Ekovekotin.

Where possible, we favor organically grown materials, wood from certified sustainable forests (FSC, PEFC) and monitored supply chains. In order to assure maximally responsible production, we focus on products made in Europe and of European raw materials. If we offer products or product parts manufactured outside of Europe, we require a guarantee for responsible production (e.g. GOTS certificate for textiles or Fair Trade certification). We prefer products manufactured nearby also because of their shorter transport distance and thus smaller environmental impact. Sometimes a production facility at a greater distance may be worth supporting if its operation is ecologically sustainable and disadvantaged people are provably supported through fair working conditions, fair wages and other social benefits.

All in all, we want to act as a reliable and expert forerunner when collecting together durable old-time-inspired household products manufactured with the best current know-how, without forgetting traditional materials and manufacturing methods that cannot be improved by renewal. At the same time, Ekovekotin challenges decision-makers and environmental activists to consider humanity's solutions to curb environmental pollution and climate change from a different perspective, and to become aware that a positive change does not always require the development of something new, but sometimes a simple shift in paradigm, a pause and a look back; simple solutions instead of increasingly complex technical advancements.

In our daily operations, we strive to minimize our amount of waste by reusing all the packaging material we receive when mailing out orders to our customers. The electricity we use is certified eco-energy.