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Wooden nostepinne

Wooden nostepinne

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A nostepinne is a handy little stick around which you can wind yarn into a ball in such a way that the beginning of the yarn from the inside of the ball remains visible. Then, when using the yarn, you can pull the yarn nicely from the center of the ball without the need to constantly turn the ball around.

Nostepinne is a word of Scandianavian origin. However, some other languages, too, use the same word for this handheld wooden yarn ball winder.

This nostepinne is made in Finland in a woodworkshop called Kesämäen Puru ja Lastu from local appletree wood. You can make beautiful objects from applewood, as it includes both both lighter and darker wood. The surface of the nostepinne is sanded smooth, otherwise it is untreated.

There are two different ways of winding the yarn ball. Before starting the ball it is important to ensure that the beginning of the yarn stays outside the ball. This is done by placing the yarn on the handle and holding it fast during winding or by wrapping it a couple of times around the grooves of the nostepinne. Then the yarn is either continuously wound in the same direction or wound in varying direction following the form of the figure eight. At the same time, the nostepinne is slowly and continuously rotated in the same direction. In this way, the yarn will gradually gather into an even ball. Finally, the nostepinne is pulled out of the ball.

The length of the nostepinne is approx. 28 cm.

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