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Stainless steel clothespins

Stainless steel clothespins

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These stainless steel clothespins have been produced in France by Pincinox by the same family since 1970. The raw material, food-grade stainless steel, is obtained from France.

One clothespin is 65 mm long, 8 mm wide and weighs 8 g. It is made of one single stainless steel strip and adapts to clotheslines of any size. Pincinox’ clothespins are tiny but incredibly durable. They are rust-proof and unbreakable. Pincinox has not recorded a single product return in 40 years of sale, which attests to the unsurpassed quality of these clothespins!

Line-drying your washing is an environmentally friendly alternative to using a tumble dryer that saves you money at the same time, as it doesn’t use any electricity. It also works during power outages.

In addition to their original purpose, these clothespins can also be used for closing small bags or for hanging up notes, photos etc.

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