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Manual grain mill Diamant D.525

Manual grain mill Diamant D.525

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This manual grain mill is produced by Engsko, a reputed Danish manufacturer for mills and millstones used to grind grains, spices and coffee. They have been producing high-quality mills for more than 70 years.

The mill’s housing and the funnel are made of cast iron which is painted green. The grinding plates are made of steel. The wooden handle of the flywheel is made of beech. The cast iron parts are produced in Poland, and the mill is assembled, polished and painted in Ukraine. The beech wood for the wooden handle originates from Ukraine. A stainless steel grid inside the hopper serves as a finger protection.

The hand mill contains grinding plates of a medium version. The mill can be used for various types of grain and even for products with a high oil content, as it can be easily opened for cleaning.

As accessories a fine steel disc pair and a coarse steel disc pair are available for separate purchase, should you wish to grind very fine flour on the one hand or just break up the grains on the other hand. For average use the included medium discs are more than sufficient. The distance between the steel plates can be easily adjusted thus allowing you to adjust the coarsness of the grind.

There are four holes in the mill’s bottom which allow the mill to be bolted onto a sturdy table. For that purpose, four corresponding holes in the table are needed. Another option to secure the grain mill is to screw the mill to a loose wooden board which then can be attached to a table with screw clamps. The latter option keeps the table top intact and allows for easier movement of the mill from one place to another.

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