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Key chain (vintage wooden yarn spool & hemp cord)

Key chain (vintage wooden yarn spool & hemp cord)

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This key chain is made of a vintage wooden yarn spool combined with an untreated braided 100% hemp cord. The key in one of the photos is only included for illustrative purposes and is not part of the product.

These historic yarn spools are made of birch tree and were manufactured in Finland at a time when Finland was a major producer of wooden yarn spools in Europe. The spools are leftovers from some of the last batches produced around the end of the 1960s/beginning of the 1970s after which the production facility at Kaukas in Southern Finland was shut down, being Finland’s and at the same time the world’s last production facility of wooden spools at that historic time. This happened at a time when plastic started invading all areas of life. The spools used in these key chains were never used for their original purpose.

The hemp fiber for this braided cord was grown in Hungary after which it has been processed by solely mechanical means without any chemicals. The cord was manufactured in Romania where yearly Sedex/SMETA reports are conducted at the production facilty to assure that adequate labour standards, health and safety and environmental regulations are met.

Hemp fibre is a truly ecological fibre and is many times better than cotton as the hemp plant doesn’t need any chemicals during its growth period and, additionally, removes toxin from the ground and prevents soil compaction via its large tap root system.

Please note that new hemp cords have a certain natural odor that will dissipate over time.
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